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Passion Quality
Language is our passion, but we are gamers at heart. We know it's not just a game—we treasure every project and always seek to translate the very soul of the game. We feel involved in the success of every project. A good localization is primordial for the success of any game, and we strive to create a translation to be proud of.
Direct Line Competitiveness
You will be talking directly with us, the translators, and will get feedback at every stage of the project. We offer always our best quality at the best rate. Our personal commitment to every project is just a free plus.
Efficiency Up to Date
As a team of translators, we not only work together, but also constantly review each other's work. A mistake rarely goes unnoticed! We work with the latest translation software. We also work on high-end hardware, so we can run any games or software.


Apps and Games Video Games QA Testing
Subtitling Board and Card Games Proofreading

We have worked with:

Electronic Arts Enzyme MOGI Altagram EDGE S&H Entertainment Localization
INTRAWORDS Enkoline Quicksilver Translate Telefónica

So far, we have...

  • delivered more than 700 projects
  • translated more than 1,500,000 words
  • proofread more than 800,000 words
  • tested more than 4,000 hours


Professionalism, enthusiasm and reliability —that is what we value most about Gamelized.

Martin Kovar - CINEMAX

Gamelized is a dedicated group of translators and our collaboration with them worked smoothly. They showed great initiative in every project and we hope to work with them again in the future.

Marco Rosenberg - KING Art GmbH

Actual Sunlight is a very challenging game to translate: The text is heavy, nuanced and abundant—far more so than the vast majority of games on the market today. David and his team at Gamelized met this challenge head-on, however, and ultimately produced a translation that was well-received by players and reviewers alike. It's clear to me from reading Spanish reviews and player feedback that the spirit of my game was carried over perfectly, and I plan to utilize their services for all of my Spanish translation needs in the future. I would recommend them to other developers in a heartbeat.

Will O'Neil - Indie Dev


Gaming Localization Specialists

We are a team of freelance translators, specialized in video games and related content, based in Madrid, Spain. Team founders David Mota, Diana Vázquez, Marco Fernández and Estrella García and our network of specialized gaming translation professionals can take on projects of any size. We are not a translation agency, but rather an organized team of freelancers specialized in interactive entertainment. We are Translation and Interpreting graduates with years of experience, and we love what we do. Click on our pictures to visit our individual LinkedIn profiles and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about us.

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David Mota

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